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Exportation and importation of express freight (fast and non-bureaucratic shipping).

Requirements: available for individuals or legal entities.

Personal Shopper

- We contact the companies for you.
- We quote products for you (up to 3 quotations).
- You pay.
- We buy and ship the products to you.

Requirements: available for individuals or legal entities.


Air and sea transport of large goods, ensuring the delivery of your cargo in the appropriate place and time.

Requirements: available for legal entities only.


- You buy and Exporta Mais ships!
- We manage your products free of charge!
- We do not charge over the value of your purchases.
- Purchases can be made in several stores.

Requirements: available for individuals or legal entities.


Air shipments have standards to calculate the cost of the shipment.

Real weight and volumetric weight.

The actual weight is the one that we measure on the scale, the volumetric weight is the space the product occupies.

The shipping cost is calculated by the physical space that your order occupies on the plane. The cost of your order depends on a calculation to confirm which of the two measures is the largest!


Yes, this service is called personal shopper.

The personal shopper is the professional who purchases for you, either because you don’t have the time or because you’re out of the country.

This professional specialized in purchasing has the role of seeking for quality goods and good prices,  always aiming at the needs and clients’ preferences.

Anyone can hire a personal shopper.

Yes, after contracting the service and collecting payment, we send a link, that the customer can track the shipment. You also have the option to track the order on our website with the shipping code.

Yes, all shipments are traceable through the companies we hire to ship.

Just contact one of our consultants and let us know which products you want to ship. The important information we need to make a quotation of shipping value is:

*weight of the goods that will be shipped;
*size of the boxes (height x width x length);
*value of the good;
*destination (City, ZIP Code and Country).

Bank transfers, billets, Paypal or Tranferwise.

We offer an individualized international logistics service.

We will instruct you on the fastest and least bureaucratic way for your shipments. We have a team of professionals to assist, accompany you in the preparation and issuance of all necessary documentation to send abroad.

The pickup  is scheduled and the follow-up of shipments is done up to the final delivery and with all necessary support.

Yes, you can pickup everyhere in the world and we will contact the responsible for your shipment.

If you prefer to send it to a relative, we will organize the Picking up process with him/her, issuing all necessary documents for that location.

Yes, you can! Be aware that when these products arrive in Brazil they will go through a customs process and will be taxed, which must be paid to allow the goods delivery.

Yes! Either maritime and aerial.

Yes, we do. We have a specialized team to assist you on the best way to make this kind of shipment.

Yes. Maximum weight of 70 kg per volume.

However, it is always good to consult us before due to each country’s restrictions and rules to follow.

Yes, you can shop and ship to our office, we will gather everything and send it to you.

Yes, the insurance value is based on the value of the goods.

Just access Menu > My Account and get registered with your data, which will be fundamental for quotation and delivery services.